Granite Ice Stones and Crystal Glasses Set

This unique set makes a perfect gift for anyone who is passionate about whiskey, bourbon or other spirit drinks, and wants to enjoy an old and expensive drink “on the rocks”. While this term usually refers to ice added to the drink, some experts say that this will dilute the drink and ruin the experience. So this is when ice stones come in handy – they will chill your drink with diluting it. They are made from sturdy, pure natural granite and have a premium craftsmanship. These granite ice cubes will give you a fancy look and will add a statement to any party. The package also includes 2 crystal glasses and everything comes in a luxurious wooden box made of pine wood and protected with soft velvet bag inside. The box makes a great looking gift when offered to someone, and the velvet bag can be used to freeze the stones, thus the whiskey rocks don’t absorb fridge smell.

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