Norlan Whisky Glasses

Looking for a unique set of glasses with a modern and lightweight design made of hand blown double-walled borosilicate glass? Then look no more and get this set made by Norlan. Thanks to specially developed inner protrusions, it reduces ethanol burn and it also has a concave outer rim in order to fit the lower lip of the mouth elegantly. The set was refined over the course of a four-day workshop by master distiller Jim McEwan and it also comes with a microfiber polishing cloth. Customers were very pleased with this set, saying that it totally changed the way they enjoy their favorite drink.

Quality Importers Cigar Humidor

Any cigar passionate out there should have a cigar humidor in order to store the cigars in the perfect conditions. The last thing you want is to spend hundreds of dollars on high-quality cigars and then to ruin them if not stored properly. That’s where this stylish container comes in handy. It’s made of quality material and it can hold up to 50 cigars. It is also lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar for excellent aroma and moisture retention. It also features a tempered glass top and a front-mount glass hygrometer with a brass ring.