Quiseen Set of 9 Beverage Chilling Stones

Cool your whiskey, bourbon or any other drink in style with this set of 9 grey stones made by Quiseen. You may be wondering why you should use stones instead of the classic ice cubes? If you are a spirit drinks aficionado you definitely already know the answer, but in case you’re not, we’ll tell you. Ice cubes melt and dilute the drink, affecting its taste and its kick. But of course you can’t drink your whiskey warm, so you need a way to cool it down without also watering it down. This is where the chill rocks come in very handy. Just keep them in the freezer for a few hours and then add them to your drinks. You can use the same rock for consuming multiple glasses since its coolness lasts for long. This is because they are made of natural soapstone, a safe and FDA approved material known for its ability to maintain a temperature for long periods of time. Don’t worry because the stones have no taste and will not affect the quality of your drinks. After using them, simply rinse them a bit and then place them back in the freezer. The package also includes a nice gift box and a carrying pouch.

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